Facility Hire Information

Facility Price List

  • Rehearsal Room – £9-£12 per hour
  • Teaching Room – £7 per hour
  • Conference Room Hire – £15 per hour
  • Recording Studio – £30 per hour (Including Studio Engineer)
  • Live Performance Hall – Please Contact Us

Rehearsal Room Booking Information

All our rooms cost either £9 or £12 per hour to hire and include;

  • PA System
  • 5 Piece Drum Kit
  • 2x Guitar Amps
  • 1x Bass Amp

We also have two Yamaha keyboards available, please let us know if one of these is required at the time of booking so we can accommodate.

Microphones Leads and Drum Clutch/Felts are available from reception, a deposit of £5 is required which will be returned when they are brought back to reception. For health and safety reasons we request singers to provide their own microphones. If you cannot then we have a limit stock but cannot guarantee that they will be available.

  • Please report to reception when you arrive for your rehearsal.
  • The Forum may move your bookings between rooms, we will try our best not to move bands to smaller rooms from larger rooms, we will inform you of this.
  • Please pack up and leave the room promptly in time for the next booking, the room must be clear by the end of your booking time so please allow time to pack up your gear. Over running has a knock on effect for the next band.

To book one of our rehearsal rooms please Click Here

Rehearsal Room Booking Cancellation Policy

We require 48 hours notice for cancellations otherwise we require the room to be paid for in full and you will no longer be able to book a room until the outstanding balance is cleared.

Recording Studio Booking Information

The Recording Studio costs £30 per hour and includes our Studio Engineer for your session. Before booking the recording studio, please be well rehearsed in what you are wanting to record in order to make effective use of the time.
Please be aware that time for mixing and mastering is required on top of the recording time, a good estimate of the time required for mixing is every hour of time spent recording will need about an hour of mixing, but this will not always be the case.