Private Tuition

If you’re a music teacher in need of a place to host your lessons we offer a reduced rate for our room hire.
All of our rooms are available to hire for private tuition for £7 per hour.

Paul Cantillon Guitar and Bass Tuition

Guitar and Bass Tuition
I have been teaching guitar and bass since 2008 at the Forum Music Centre in Darlington. I provide a complete range of tuition, tailor made to the individual’s preferred style.
Additionally, I run The Forum Music School which offers group tuition on drums and guitar.
Learners range from complete beginners right up to semi professional adults.

A complete range of tuition, following a structured and graded progression

I like to do things differently … but for the better! When I first started in 2008, it was with a simple premise: that I should aim to provide the best learning experience for the individual – suited to their own aims – whether it was to gain UCAS points for University (a Grade 8 can earn up to 75) or for the learner to play for personal pleasure.
A major part of playing an instrument is the fun you can have playing – and this can be demonstrated most effectively by performing in a totally live setting which is why, every year, my students get that opportunity in front of a real audience in a real venue.




Hayley McKay, Private Singing Lessons

Hayley McKay is a professional singer, and has worked in various styles over the years. She won a National competition in 2011, which then helped her study vocals at The Brighton Institute of Modern Music. She then went on to do an artist development course in London. Hayley has a great passion for teaching people of all ages to sing. This includes breathing techniques, confidence and performance building, and styles and techniques.