About Us

The Forum Music Studios is a popular music venue located in Darlington, County Durham, England. It is known for hosting a wide range of live music performances, including concerts, gigs, tribute acts, and local talent showcases.

With its versatile and intimate setting, The Forum provides a vibrant platform for both emerging and established artists across various genres, including rock, indie, folk, alternative, and more. The venue boasts a professional sound and lighting system, well-equipped stage, and a dedicated team that ensures an enjoyable experience for both performers and audiences.

In addition to live music events, The Forum Music Studios also hosts workshops, music classes, and community-driven initiatives, contributing to the local music scene’s growth and development.

If you’re a music enthusiast or an artist looking for a dynamic and inclusive venue to experience or showcase live music in Darlington, The Forum Music Studios is a must-visit destination. Its commitment to supporting local talent and providing memorable entertainment experiences makes it a hub for music lovers of all ages.

The Forum Music Studios is a not for profit Community Benefit Society
Registered as a Mutual with the FCA

There will always be, and has always been a need for culture and music in our lives, it enriches us all in so many ways, many ways of which we are not even aware of. We recognises the need for facilities such as the Forum within communities. A platform where new talent can develop and excel, where hobbies and livelihoods can evolve and most importantly where all genres of people, regardless of age, race, and academic background, can learn, socialise, partake or simply enjoy Music and the Arts – Allison Mckay, CEO of The Forum Music Studios


The Forum is a social enterprise that aims to provide trusted environments with strong infrastructure and a vibrant atmosphere where people will be inspired and encouraged to engage with music and the arts through participation in a range of social, education, enterprise or entertainment activities. It operates a sustainable business model based on the provision of services, activities and events and is guided by a strong social responsibility and purpose.

Meet The Team and the board of Directors of The Forum Music Studios

The Forum Music Studios, is Asset Locked and any surpluses are re-invested into enhancing and further developing the services it offers for the local and cultural community.

The Forum events are scheduled by a team of volunteers and music enthusiasts led by James Watson and Kath Matthews. Profits from ticket sales are reinvested directly back into scheduling more live music and cultural events. We are always keen for people to join this team to assist in developing a vibrant event schedule. Contact: allison.mckay@forummusicstudios.co.uk