Noisy Daughters: Live Sound Workshop for Women

Tracks Darlington Presents: Noisy Daughters: Live Sound Workshop for Women, girls and people of minority genders.

Date: Saturday 24th September
Time: 1pm – 3pm

We’ve linked up with the brilliant Yorkshire Sound Women network to bring practitioner Jo Kennedy to Darlington to deliver the workshop.

Jo works as a freelance artist and technician. She makes sound art, performs live experimental music, runs technical and creative workshops and does live sound engineering for small events. She is particularly interested in sound art as a means of environmental education and activism.

Jo explains: “The workshop will empower participants who are maybe wanting to run a gig night or venue, or a performer wanting to speak with more confidence and authority to venue sound engineers. This 2-hour workshop will provide a friendly, supportive space for you to get your hands on PA equipment and understand the essentials of live sound. You’ll learn how to get signals from instruments and microphones successfully into a mixing desk via cables, DI boxes and connectors, what to do with these signals once they arrive at the desk, and how to get them back out to room speakers and foldback monitors suitably amplified and mixed for a great listening experience. Feel free to bring your own instruments for use in the workshop!”

Rob Irish of Tracks added: “It’s great to see a growing awareness of more technical roles in the music industry nowadays – we’re seeing a lot more education and participation in recording, production & mixing, however I feel like live sound is still overlooked, despite it being such an important and exciting job in music. It’s no secret that women are underrepresented in the industry, especially on the tech side, and ridiculously so within live sound – we know there’s loads of women out there who wanna get their hands on a mixing desk, but maybe they’re not sure where to start, and with confidence, so we hope this workshop can be give them that opportunity”

The workshop is free but places are limited and must be booked in advance.
Open only to women, girls and people of minority genders aged 14+