Covid 19 Update – 19/07/21

Now that the vast majority of COVID-19 restrictions have been removed in England we are looking forward to opening up more. However we are very aware that the pandemic isn’t over and COVID-19 still poses a major health risk and customers may still be cautious about returning for events. Working along side Music Venues Trust we are taking a cautious approach to reopening and following the #ReViveLive Campaign to safely reopen our music venue along with many other grass music venues around the country. We are also taking a few additional steps that we see fit at moment.

We are taking the following steps to help ensure a safe return to live events

  • We are operating at a reduced capacity for the time being to give everyone a little more space
  • Most events will have a small seated area
  • Our staff will continue to wear face coverings
  • Enhanced cleaning of high traffic and high touch areas will continue
  • We will increase ventilation before, between and after performances
  • We will keep a one way system in place

We ask customers to

  • Not to attend events or activities if you are showing any symptoms of Covid-19
  • Please continue to wear a face covering when moving around the venue, but we understand if you cannot or choice not to. Please respect other peoples choices.
  • Wash your hands more regularly and use the hand sanitisers provided
  • Please continue to check in via the NHS App or QR scanner to help with test and trace, however this is no longer compulsory
  • Please do what you can to help reduce risk such as getting vaccinated, tested or register if immune. We do not operate any policy of exclusion but ask you to do what you can to keep live events a safe space.

We look forward to seeing everyone enjoy live music in a safe environment again. As always we may need to adjust our operations depending on if further restrictions are brought into place.