Keyboard tutor; Tony Tester joins the Forum Music School

The Forum Music School offers expert tuition in Drums and Guitar and are excited to announce that as from May 10th Tony Tester will be hosting keyboard lessons for beginners and intermediates.

Tony is also an accomplished music composer and songwriter therefore one to one sessions can also be arranged with Tony on request. Please contact our Forum Music School manager Paul Cantillon for booking a session with Tony.

Tony has been a professional touring musician for over 35 years and has traveled all over the world playing in bands, trios, duos, and as a solo entertainer. He plays and teaches piano but also likes to dabble in playing the guitar, ukulele and singing. In 2018 Tony obtained a first degree in music from The University of Wales. Tony has worked as a songwriter, jingle writer, composer and arranger for Radio and TV in both England and Norway. Credited as the composer for a number of short films, such as, “Death May Die” & “Mellom Rotter og Hav” (Between the Roots and Sea). Also having written the incidental music for the creepy computer game “Gespalten”.  

 Tony is the author and songwriter of two original children’s musicals.

“Cydara” A Radio & Stage Musical, originally broadcast by 2CR Bournemouth in the early ’90s

“Jenny and the Strange and Peculiar Land” Broadcast on Radio throughout the UK during the late ’80s

Recently Tony established “Melody TreeHouse” a company which supplies educational songs for young children. 

Melody Treehouse has released four educational albums.

“Happy Healthy Songs” which received a Bronze Award from Practical Pre-School Awards 2011. 

“Wildlife Garden Songs” which received a Gold Award from Practical Pre-School Awards 2018. 

“Growing Together Songs”

“Super Sequence Songs” 

 Tony is passionate about music, playing the piano and songwriting.